Shara Brun  MA, NCC, LPCC

Shara Brun  MA, NCC, LPCC

The part of us that we close away for safe keeping —the messy and unpredictable part of us, the vulnerable part of us— it is that very part that holds the key to our personal empowerment and self-expression.

This is true for me too.  I think it’s important to acknowledge that along with the training listed below, at the core of my work is a sensitivity and compassion that came from my own experiences of suffering; of violence, trauma, neglect, oppression, betrayal, confusion…surrender, reaching out, getting support, affirmation, learning, letting go, recovering, growing, and succeeding.  My experiences carved out new capacities in me again and again, so that I eventually decided to clarify what I had learned through training, in order to support others.

Resonant Self Counseling is the private practice I began in 2012 to do this.  Since then I have dedicated myself to passing on the guidance and support that others have given to me.  In this way we can all help one another and by doing so, make a better world.


Credentials and Training

  • MA - Masters degree in Depth Psychology with specialization in Somatic Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Currently a PhD student in the same program (2018).
  • MA - Masters degree in Counseling (2013) The Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education master's program at the University of Colorado Denver provided training in a broad range of therapeutic modalities including Experiential, Existential, Dialectical-Behavior (DBT), Internal Family Systems, Solution Focused, Emotionally Focused (EFT), and Narrative therapies.  I strive to maintain a heart-centered and strength based approach, as well as one that is open and unassuming regarding personal or cultural differences that may be important in our process of working together.  
  • NCC - Nationally Certified Counselor
  • LPCC - Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate
  • Bachelor's degrees in Philosophy and Sociology from CU Boulder (1999)
  • Gestalt and Applied Existential Psychotherapy (AEP) training in group processing at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute with Dr. Betty Cannon (2012 - present) 
  • Certified in Applied Existential Relational Therapy from Boulder Psychotherapy Institute (2016)
  • Registered psychotherapist in Colorado through DORA, #NLC.0103978 (2012 – present)
  • American Counseling Association member (2012 – present)

Other Studies…

  • 10 years of classical study and training in piano
  • 10 years of study in jazz theory, composition and improvisation with mentor Art Lande
  • 15 years of study in vocal technique, performance, improvisation and toning with several different mentors, groups and choirs
  • 15 years of teaching private piano and voice lessons to all ages
  • 15 years of study in West African rhythms and dance

Music is a powerful of tool for exploration, self-soothing, self-expression and self-empowerment.  My time spent focusing on creative work developed my ability to listen deeply and honed my ability to discover and dissolve old habits and stories impeding authenticity and flow.

What Feeds Me…

  • I love being reminded of how the world is according to a child!  (I’m the mom of an 9 year old boy - never a dull moment).
  • Yoga!!!  
  • Finding beauty and synchrony in the world every day…little things, big things, Mother Nature; wonder and awe.
  • Learning (resulting in the lists above!)
  • Music, friends, family, good food and acts of kindness 
Shara and I began working together two years ago and can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today had I never met her. I immediately felt safe and cared for by Shara. She does a really beautiful job of connecting the dots of your life and offering up a reflection of yourself so that you can see yourself in a light that you may have never known existed. She is a great listener and always amazes me when she remembers tid-bits I had told her in the past, like she understands the puzzle of my life and knows how to help me figure out how to build it. On top of counseling I have done Shara’s voice workshop and Shadow workshop. Both were excellent. She really understands her work and how to use it to help people.
— Susan K.