Often times, the part of us that we close away for safe keeping —the messy and unpredictable part of us, the vulnerable part of us— it is that very part that holds the key to our personal empowerment and self expression...

Expressive Arts Training

  • 10 years of classical study and training in piano
  • 10 years of study in jazz theory, composition and improvisation with mentor Art Lande
  • 20 years of study in vocal technique, performance, improvisation and toning with several different mentors, groups and choirs
  • 15 years of teaching private piano and voice lessons to all ages
  • 15 years of study in West African rhythms and dance

Vocal Work

My passion, curiosity and training in music over the last 25 years have guided studies in improvisation, performance, and in finding and using my voice as a tool of self exploration and self expression.  In my more recent studies of counseling psychology, I have come to realize the power of the voice and of music in the context of healing.  This healing happens not only in our emotional, mental and spiritual spheres, but in our physical body as well.  Via individual sessions or group work, we can explore and harness the power of your voice to discover internal and external sources of self expression and self empowerment.

Sessions focusing on the voice first establish tools to ground and find safety within the body via sensing, visualizing and mindfulness exercises.  Often surprisingly, using the voice can stir and give feeling to parts of ourselves we may not have been very conscious of.  Having a reliable sense of safety and grounding available is important.  Actual vocal work can span from exploration of how and where we can resonate sound, to group toning and reflection.  Vocal work may also include expressing various "template characters" and internalized voices that wish to be heard.

In both the group format and the individual sessions, the direction of work is tailored to carefully monitor and follow the needs of the client from moment to moment.

Coaching in Music

Learning and playing music are powerful of tools for discovery, exploration, self-soothing, self-expression and self-empowerment.  As a classically and jazz trained pianist and vocalist, my specialty is in working with musicians and artists who want to develop their relationship to music by working through and dissolving old habits and stories that may be impeding creative flow and freedom.

I provide instruction and coaching in improvisation, composition and arrangement, classical and jazz piano theory and techniques, musical accompaniment for therapeutic work, and recording/production services.  With the added insight garnered from training in Counseling Psychology, my brand of musical coaching provides potent support and guidance in finding new levels of creative connection and expression.

Clients working with Resonant Self also have the unique opportunity to access and benefit from music production and recording facilities if they are interested in expressing themselves through composing and/or recording music and vocal work.



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