Are You Struggling With a Major Life Transition?

Do you feel trapped and unhappy in your daily routine? Does it seem as if you are numbly going through the motions or running in place while the world passes you by? Perhaps you’re weighed down by an ever-present feeling of dread that saps enjoyment, excitement and optimism from your life. Or, are you constantly on edge and irritable, snapping at everyone around you, only to later regret your words or behavior? Maybe you already know what needs to change--be it ending a relationship, changing careers, or moving across the country--but the thought of making active changes in your life is daunting and overwhelming. You may not know where to begin.

No matter what we’re going through and what we want from our lives, change can be hard, and how we deal with it can be complicated. A small but persuasive part of you may list all the reasons why you shouldn't make a change, telling you to keep things as they are and not rock the boat. You may be trying to protect yourself from pain, stress or other negative feelings, but find that the ways you’ve learned to cope with life’s challenges are no longer helpful or relevant. You may not even be aware of the thoughts that are holding you back; often, those old narratives are entirely unconscious. Do you wish you could free yourself from unhelpful patterns of thinking and find the courage to move forward with your life?

Change Affects Us All

It's been said the only constant is change. Major life transitions impact everyone at some point in their lives. When faced with a period of change, whether it was desired, unwanted or a complete surprise, it's common to struggle. Fear and apprehension are normal responses to significant potential shifts; the unknown can be frightening, and it can sometimes seem safer to maintain the status quo.

Ending a relationship, quitting a job, or moving may be some of the most common or easily identifiable life changes, but difficult transitions come in all shapes and sizes, and less dramatic changes can be just as stressful to navigate. Setting new boundaries in an existing relationship, for example, can be equally difficult. Regardless of the issue in question, life transitions counseling can help you learn how to take charge of your destiny and deal with decisions and transitions as they arise, making the changes you need to be happier and healthier.

Life Transitions Counseling Can Help You Navigate Life’s Challenges

Life transitions counseling is extremely effective and helpful when dealing with major life changes, providing a safe environment for you to not only explore your needs, therapy goals, and fears, but also focus on clarifying and understanding more about yourself holistically. I serve as a mirror to my clients, and as we work together, I will reflect what I hear you say—especially when you express your needs and wants—and help you identify any incongruence between your thoughts and actions. If your actions don't address your wants, you may be working against your own best interests and not even realize it. Working with a skilled, compassionate therapist who can reflect your true needs and desires can be a powerful way to effect lasting, positive change in your life. In sessions, I work to support the part of you that may be asking for these changes, while helping you challenge the old narratives and coping tools that might be keeping you stuck. Your true self is like a seed just sprouting from the soil, small and vulnerable, and may need some protection while it grows.

I’m “heart-oriented” in my approach, which means I focus on strengths, instead of simply looking for problems. Even if it may sometimes feel as though you don’t like yourself, we can identify the innate strengths and skills I know you have. I can also help you identify limiting patterns in your thoughts or behavior, including how events from the past might be affecting the present. Additionally, I trust the wisdom of the body; nonverbal language can be as enlightening and informative as anything spoken. By understanding you in your entirety, I can tailor my guidance and support to best help you meet your therapy and life goals.

With life transitions counseling, you can learn to trust yourself and trust that even if you don't see a way out of your current situation, it doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist; it just means we can't see them quite yet. It takes courage and a leap of faith to face the obstacles to your happiness and make the tough decisions needed to cultivate lasting, positive change. Having a friend and trusted counsel on your side during the process can give you the courage and support to see you through. Since 2012, I have helped many people struggling with major life transitions. My education in Counseling Psychology and Depth Psychology, my professional counseling licenses and certifications, my professional experience and even my years teaching have equipped me with the knowledge and skills to not only offer guidance, but also listen and validate your experience. Together, we can navigate through the challenges you face today and help you achieve a happier and healthier tomorrow.

But, you may have questions or concerns...

If I make the decision to change, I could lose what I have.

It can be very hard to see past that line of reasoning, but if you're reading this, you likely know deep down that change needs to happen. With any important venture, risk is a factor, but just because you can't see a clear, safe path forward to greater overall fulfillment doesn’t mean that there isn’t one. I also encourage you to consider the risks that come with doing nothing, especially if you are feeling unhappy, unmotivated and unsatisfied in your current life.

The major life change I’m facing is a divorce, but I’m afraid it will hurt my children and my family. 

People often fear that separating the family will always be the worst option, but people are usually so unhappy in instances where parents stay together ‘for the kids’ that the children are likely already being hurt or negatively impacted. You may believe that divorce has to involve animosity and arguing, but healthy separations are entirely possible with therapeutic support. 

I can't change my life or live my dreams. It wouldn't work out for me.

For many, this is a very old narrative that has followed them from their earliest experiences. Children are often taught that they must just work hard and not waste time dreaming or that there is only one correct way to live your life. People can get stuck in that mode of thinking and let that dictate the course of their lives. Think of a time you took a risk and were successful. It may feel otherwise, but the possibility for real change is there. I can help you focus on what is possible, not what isn't.

Take Your First Step Toward a Brighter Future

If you are ready to move forward and live the life you truly want, I invite you to call me for a free, 15-minute phone consultation at (720) 336-1734 to discuss my practice, your concerns and how life transitions counseling can help


Shara and I met at the Peoples House on a weekly occasion. I was far from home living in Denver, and struggling with personal relationships and with my self. Shara offered me a respite while allowing progress in the guided healing process. The gentle care and self guidance Shara offered allowed me the chance to break through a very old block layer of toxic history. I have moved back home since and continue my quest for healing and self realization. Thank you Shara.
— Tom S.

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